Startups Through Scaling & Sustainability

BioWell is the ultimate launchpad where innovation takes center stage and leaves a lasting impact. Leaning on the guidance and expertise of Houston-based First Bight Ventures, our accelerator supercharges bioindustrial companies.

Bid farewell to the Valley of Death as we propel early-growth synthetic biology companies to new heights—technically and commercially. We offer a resourceful and practical mix of hands-on business acumen, industry mentorship, pilot infrastructure, and access to funding. Together, let’s be champions in advancing the bioindustry. BioWell is where the journey begins, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting endeavor.

Ready to Scale Your Startup to New Heights?

At BioWell, we understand the hurdles bioindustrial startups face in their journey from concept to commercial success. The path is fraught with challenges, often referred to as the valley of death, where brilliant ideas struggle to see the light of day. That’s where our accelerator steps in—a tailor-made ecosystem designed to turn your groundbreaking ideas into scalable, market-ready solutions.

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At BioWell, we’re all about giving a boost to budding industrial biology startups in their early stages. Our accelerator exists to help our participant startups grow and scale their product. If you share our vision for supporting innovation for the bioeconomy, get in touch with us below.


If you are an early-growth startup specializing in industrial biology, BioWell may be a great fit if your company looks to scale its product. We are actively recruiting for our first cohort, so if this sounds like you, get in touch with us below.