Mentorship at BioWell

Mentorship is a cornerstone of our ethos at BioWell. Through the generous sharing of their insights and support, our mentors significantly contribute to our collective progress, fostering genuine, enduring connections. Discover the principles that guide them in our BioWell Mentor’s Code.

Why Engage in Mentorship?

Mentors make a real difference in the lives of entrepreneurs. It’s an opportunity to contribute – offering your knowledge freely to a team that inspires you.

To reserve your spot and officially add you to our private mentor network, please fill out the form below. The form will ask for your desired availability, areas of interest, and a bit about yourself. 

Encourage Creativity

Your insights offer essential support to emerging startups

Prioritize Giving

Assisting others offers a unique fulfillment, enriching your own experience

Cutting-Edge Research Access

Mentees introduce novel concepts and perspectives to your field

Expand Your Circle

Join a network of forward-thinkers shaping tomorrow

Time Commitment & Mentor Perks

Each mentor works with 7-10 startups per month for 6-9 months in the best-suited areas based on their expertise, background, and interests.

Here are some of the perks BioWell Mentors receive:
•Invite to BioWell private bio-industrial-related events
•First-look at our startup portfolios.
•Invites to our workshops
•Industry trend reports